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A personally controlled eHealth record is a secure online summary of your health information. You control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. Your eHealth record allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care. An eHealth record gives you more control over your health information than ever before, placing you at the centre of Australia’s health system.

Personally controlled

eHealth records are personally controlled. This means that you have control over what information is available and who can access your information.


As the system grows it will also give the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care the information theyFamily Group of 3
need to make the best decisions about your health needs.  Over time the following information will be able to be included in your personal eHealth record:

  • Your shared health summary
  • Your hospital discharge summaries
  • Your Medicare information
  • Your personal health information
  • Your specialist letters and more …

Register now

People seeking health care in Australia can now register for a personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record. Registering for an eHealth record will help you take control of your health and your health information. You can register online

Alternatively if you would like help registering for your eHealth record ring the Panacea Health Clinic on (02) 9890 7755 and book an appointment for help registering your eHealth record. Once registered for eHealth your doctor or nurse at the Panacea Health Clinic can upload your shared health summary to your eHealth record.

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